About Das Keyboard Gaming

Best in speed, precision, durability and design is our moto. With Das Keyboard Gaming, we create top performing premium products designed entirely for gamers to outlast the competition. Our products are designed for professionals tapping away for more than 10 hours each day, as well as gamers who just really want to have an amazing and durable product with an experience that will push the limits. Over the course of the countless phases that come with building a product, Das Keyboard Gaming became so much more than that. It became a great beast that somehow took on a life of it's own. All of the hardware is equipped with metal detailing to increase the durability and provide everyone who touched it with an unmatched experience. Each piece of equipment has the Das Keyboard detailing and design that makes each piece work together and flow magnificently together. And although look is important, every detail was measured on it's ability to take the gaming experience to the next level.

Who Created Das Keyboard Gaming

Every single team member at Das Keyboard was involved in creating the products. That's not an exaggeration. From wearing the products during testing, to providing input, to multiple rounds of reviews...everyone had a say and everyone was a part of the experience. That's what makes Das Keyboard Gaming so badass. It wasn't created by one designer, it was created by the entire Das Keyboard family- from the designers, to the product team, to gaming teams, to the website programmers, and the support team. Creating the best products is what moves us, and when we work as a team, amazing things happen.

What Makes Our Products Badass

Everything. The products were built with a few very specific critical elements in mind.

Top Performing Products

1) Premium materials and superior quality. We didn't want the items you touch daily to be made solely out of plastic, we wanted our products to have metal. We wanted them to have the best feel, the best sound, the best tactile feedback, and we want them to be incredibly durable and last a long time...a very long time. So you can get back to the game and focus on what's important.

Edgy Design "Customizable"

2) Be different, edgy and get away from the norm. Yes, it's true, we love edgy, we live for edgy, and we absolutely needed Das Keyboard Gaming to be edgy. We wanted something we could have at our desks that we couldn't stop staring at, would reflect our personalities, and would have a different look than any other equipment in the market. As much as we love edgy, our focus on simplicity and minimalist design is unparalleled in the gaming world.

Amazing Feel

3) Incredible to the touch and comfortable to the core. All of our products needed to be amazingly comfortable, which meant endless hours of testing until they were just perfect. No detail was too tiny. If something wasn't perfect, changes were made. All this to create products that we could truly say are the best.

Das Keyboard Gaming Community

We built these products to bring something different to gamers. To have design and style options without compromising quality. To offer aluminum detailing instead of another plastic only option. To inspire, and drive gamers to dominate and win. Because, quite frankly, we are inspired by gamers, for their love of the game, for their drive, and for their ability to never give up striving for world dominance.