One Bag, All Your Weapons

Pack your keyboard, mouse, and headset -- not to mention all your other tech and gaming gear -- and transport it all safely, comfortably, and in high style. Whether it's off to a virtual smackdown or to the office for a caffeinated code-a-thon, the Das Keyboard gaming sling has your back.

Geek Chic

In addition to its high utility, organizational chops, and rugged durability, the Das Keyboard gaming sling was born with looks to match its performance, boasting clean lines, a modern design, and stylish premium materials.

Organizational Lockdown

In addition to dedicated compartments for the essentials, the Das Keyboard gaming sling features other functional touches like a hook-and-loop strap to keep your keyboard in place and felt-lined slip-pockets for all of your LAN-going gear, like Ethernet cables and flash drives.

Battle Ready

Made from weather resistant materials, constructed with reinforced corners and sides, and lined with generously-padded and durable nylon ripstop, the Das Keyboard Gaming Sling is your gaming gears number one defense against damage on the go.

Epic Comfort

Its breathable, padded back cushion and adjustable, extra-wide shoulder strap make the Das Keyboard gaming sling every bit as comfortable as it is functional. In fact, you may put it on and wonder which is more comfortable -- you, or all the stuff you've got packed into it.