Get More Speed with Our New Alpha-Zulu Gaming Switch for Bad Ass Gamers

Built to outlast even the most intense marathon gaming sessions, the X40 is equipped with the new Alpha-Zulu mechanical gaming switches that allow for lightning-fast precision when the stakes are high. The 1.7mm point of actuation keeps gamers one step ahead of the competition when every millisecond counts. Its high-performance, gold-plated switches offer the best reliability with an improved cross point contact technology. The newly formulated and thicker gold plating creates a corrosion-resistant electrically conductive layer improving the switch lifespan to 60 million keystrokes.

The feeling was like nothing I have ever tried before

Faster than the Competition

Division Zero Alpha-Zulu Gaming switch is faster than the competition, giving you a competitive advantage over standard switches. The Alpha-Zulu gaming switch actuates at 1.7mm, .3mm faster than standard switches. When every millimeter counts and could mean the difference between winning and losing, the Alpha-Zulu switches will make sure you have an edge over the competition.

Whether you are quickly ducking for cover in CS:GO, or using an item and ability to kill-secure in DOTA2 and LoL, the Alpha-Zulu Gaming switch has your back. With Division Zero, you'll have a distinct advantage, making Alpha-Zulu the best choice for all gamers.

Love the feedback, the switch is crisp

Exceptional Feel

When gamers tested the all-new Alpha-Zulu gaming switches, one thing was clear, the feel surpassed any switches they used before. The switch technology, force, and actuation were tested and measured for optimal switch comfort and performance during extended game sessions.

The Alpha-Zulu switches provides comfort while increasing game speed and actuation time. When the Alpha-Zulu switch is activated against standard switches, the Alpha-Zulu switch will register earlier performing your action before the competition...putting you one step ahead of the game.

Superior Quality

The Division Zero Alpha-Zulu gaming switches are designed with advanced technology to increase the lifespan of the gaming switch and provide the best reliability. The Alpha-Zulu gaming switches have a cross point contact technology with newly formulated and thicker gold plating deposit that creates a corrosion-resistant electrically conductive layer. This offers an improved consistency of electrical operation and extends the lifespan of the switch to 60 million actuations.

With the modern games focusing mainly on utilizing "W A S D" and "Q W E R" as the main keystrokes in game, switch lifespan becomes a huge concern for all gamers. The Alpha-Zulu gaming switches has 10 million extra HP than the standard gaming mechanical keyboard, allowing your keyboard to out-resilient any opponents with ease.

Really impressed with how the keyboard feels in game

Alpha-Zulu Switch Spec

Alpha-Zulu Linear Switch Alpha-Zulu Tactile Switch Standard Switches
Pre-Travel 1.7 mm 1.7 mm 2 mm
Total Travel 4 mm 4 mm 4 mm
Actuation Force 45 g 45 g 45 g
Switch Lifecycle 60 million 60 million 50 million
Actuation Feel Linear Soft tactile Linear / soft tactile
Tactile Force N/A - linear 55 g Linear / 55 g
Switch Color Olive Mustard Red / Brown
Switches Sound


Non-tactile switch and remains constant with each key press

The Alpha-Zulu Gaming Switch with Linear Experience is a non-tactile switch and remains constant with each key press.


Soft, tactile bump halfway through the keypress

The Alpha-Zulu Gaming Switch with Tactile Experience has a soft, tactile bump halfway through the keypress

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